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Building a Brand with a Pet Industry Boss: An Interview with Basel Nassar

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Episode 97 | Building a Brand with a Pet Industry Boss: An Interview with Basel Nassar

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Get ready for a whirlwind of branding and retailer-brand relationship-building knowledge (plus hearing the word “Boss” a whole lot!)

In this episode, Candace interviews  Basel Nassar, a serial entrepreneur whose passion for pets and innovation led him to establish Boss Nation Brands.

Basel has been a friend and supporter of Pet Boss Nation since… well, forever. You may have even stopped by the Boss Nation Brands booth at various tradeshows for a Pet Boss Nation meetup!

Today, we wanted to highlight the innovative pet lifestyle brand Basel has built and share his extensive industry knowledge with you.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

🐕 How Basel leads his loyal team and has grown his company to over 200 SKUs in just four years, with a pandemic to boot.

🐈 Ways that retailers and brands can work together, and his predictions for the future of the pet industry.

🐕 Hardships Basel has experienced over the years and the specific habits and strategies he’s used to overcome them.

🐈 Tips for newcomers to the pet industry he wishes he had when he was just starting out.

🐕 What you can expect to see from Boss Nation Brands in the near future! (Hint: There might be feathers involved!)

Ready to BOSS your business with Pet Boss Nation AND Boss Nation Brands? Give this one a listen!

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Pet Boss Nation Superzoo 2023

Candace D’Agnolo & Basel Nassar in the Boss Nation Brands booth at SuperZoo 2023

Pet Boss Nation Raw Goat Milk New Flavors
Pet Boss Nation Some of Boss Nation Brand Products

Boss Dog and Boss Cat Products

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